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From the top of the Zamansky Tower


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The Zamansky Tower is in the heart of the Pierre and Marie Curie Campus of Sorbonne University (of which we see a part at the bottom of Photo 1). Its top floor (90 m from the ground) offers a unique panorama on Paris which surrounds it.


Further and a little more on the left one recognizes Notre-Dame de Paris on Photo 2.


The Saint-Louis bridge joins the Île de la Cité (on the left) and the Île Saint-Louis (on the right).

On Photo 3, we recognize in the background the City Hall and the Pompidou Center (on the right), as well as the Saint-Jacques Tower and the Saint-Eustache Church (on the left).

This group of buildings is between Jussieu and Linné streets. The Pierre and Marie Curie campus is in the lower left corner. The lower right corner is part of the Jussieu square.



This photo shows the historic Palais de Justice on the Île de la Cité surrounding the Sainte-Chapelle (front right). The Louvre Museum is on top.

These shots are outstanding! It reminds me of those famous and popular photo books called: Above Los Angeles, Above San Francisco, Above Paris, etc.

I owned some of these books in the 90s. Maybe I still have them at my parents' place. Maybe. LOL
Fantasic collection of images mate!