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FS1 vs FS2 Focusing Screens


New Member
Is anyone using the FS-2 focusing screen on their E-1?

If so, are there any distinct advantages to the FS-2, especially when shooting outdoors?

Does the FS-2 provide a crisper viewfinder image when focusing, or is the only benefit of the FS-2 the grid?

Thanks in advance for your comments!


New Member
I hope you'll understand my poor English...
The focusing screen on my E-1 provides me only the avantage of the grid. It seems that the screen material is the same as the original one.
I wishe you a Happy New Year.


Active Member

If you want a focussing screen with split image and grid lines this is the one that I would go for -

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The only disadvantage (apart from the price!)is that this screen does affect the metering accuracy with certain lens/aperture combinations, especially in the ESP metering mode. Centre weighted metering is less affected and spot metering seems to work fine. This is the problem with having the metering cells above the screen - they should have kept the system as used on the OM-4 and metered from cells in the mirror box, in my opinion.
The Katzeye screen is no brighter than the standard screens, which I think are bright enough anyway.

I've tried one of these screens but found that I prefered the FS-1 or FS-2. I think that the split image /microprism ring take up too much of the screen area and are too distracting - they are the same size as they are on the Olympus 2-13 screen but of course, the screen in the E-1 is only about one quarter the total area of an OM screen.

I now use the FS-2 in both my E-1 bodies.

Best wishes,