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G system as Pinhole camera


Just a question out of curiosity. Is it possible to construct a pinhole camera out of a G1? If so, has anyone has any experience in doing so and could you share?
What a neat idea! I've never heard of it being done, but I'd imagine you could modify a G body cap by cutting (drilling?) a large hole in the center and attaching (gluing?) a piece of brass sheet stock with a pinhole to it. Should be relatively easy to do.

If you do try using your G as a pinhole camera, please do let us know how it works out.

Well, maybe here's a good forum to start some discussion going.
There are some questions that I myself am not sure of the answers.
1. Exposure calculation. Is there a way to trick the camera to switch to external metering like when one mount the 16mm onto it?
2. Focusing and sharpness. What i know is that for a pinhole camera, it will be sharp throughout, but the question is does the location of the pinhole matters? (e.g., should I stick the brass sheet of the outer or inner portion of the cap?
3. Will the shutter plane be burnt through? Probably will not happen, but don't think i wanna find it out the hard way.

Anyway, thanks for the response. At least I have an indication that I am not going off tangent here.
Here's one resource I found. I'm certain there are others:


I'm guessing that at f:350, concerns about focus become moot. The keys seem to be to use film that has a wide exposure latitude and to experiment, experiment, experiment.

Rick, good reference site. Thanks.

BTW, Why bother with the G2, you can get a Holga pin hole camera for $26 and use 120 films.

I myself don't see any point in using the G2 for pinhole. Unless of course you like eating up batteries that cost 6 bucks each. Once the lens is off, well............what's the point?
"Once the lens is off, well............what's the point?"

The point could be, well.. dust inside the camera. :)
wow, harsh. sometimes the point can be just to see if you can do it. aside from that, the body of the G2 also has a lot of control over the image such as continuous wind, etc. I say give it a try for fun!