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G1 conversion to Green label


I have a silver labelled G1 and am thinking of getting it converted so I can use the 21mm lens. Does anyone know if I can have this done in Australia, and if so where, or will I have to send it overseas. Again, if so where? Does anyone have any idea how much this conversion costs?

> This is the reply I got from the USA shop on converting my silver label G1 to green label. I hope this is of some help. Tom

The lens modification charge for the G1 body is $32.00. This charge would be for modification only, and includes the return shipping/handling. No other work will be performed for this fee (i.e., repairs, cleaning, adjustments or overhauls). If you would like to have your G1 body checked/overhauled/cleaned and adjusted along with the lens modification, the charge would be $155.00, as long as there is no physical damage to camera body. You may send to us at: KYOCERA OPTICS ATT: CONTAX SERVICE 2301-200 COTTONTAIL LANE SOMERSET, NJ 08873 Thank you
> Thanks Tom, it is of help. Now, does anyone know if I can have this c onversion done in Australia?

Steve > > >
Hi Steven, I had mine done for free. According to the local distributor, the process is done free for all contax G1. BTW, I'm from Penang Malaysia. Probably they have different policies for different countries.
> > Thanks KC,

I do seem to remember something about a free conversion if you purchase o ne the lens, eg: the 35mm or the 21mm, however, I'm not ready to buy the 21mm yet.


Steve >

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What I heard they do is that they replace the eprom in the camera with a newer one that has the program for the 21 and 35mm lens.