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G1 versus G2


Good morning G users,
Just to tell you that I'm very pleased to have bought a G1 to set my G system. I would previously consider this purchase as a second (and minor) body. It is'nt ! It's certainly less fast as my G2 but my first photos with the 21, 35 and the 90 are very acurate as the G2. I took some with the 90 in very bad light situation and the results are superb and stuning. (It seems that this lens needs a full time setting of the shade, the lens front is almost at the edge and very sensible to the light.)

I was quite worry I'm not more !
At less as 300 USD it's not a bargain it's a gift !

All my best,

Hi Nicolas,

How much did you pay for your G1 body ?
I saw a used one in Hong Kong selling for US$539 that comes with a 35mm F2 lens. Is this price worth buying ?

G1 bodies I have seen here in Holland are always over 300 Euro (second hand in retail with 3 month warranty).
I Tokyo I have seen many for less than 200 Euro up to 300 Euro (mint condition) and with a 45 mm for some 350-400 Euro. A G1D (with Databack is between 275 and 350 Euro. So US$ 539 (about 480 Euro) seems like a lot.
Don't laugh or pass out when you read this. I was in Calumet in NYC and they had a used G1 body in great shape for $189.00.
That price does shock me. I've just told myself no more new toys until at least next month and I'm going to have to use my willpower not to check out that G1. I'll just keep repeating that to myself quietly, no more gear...no more gear. -Lynn
Hi all,

I too have seen pretty low prices on used G1 bodies here in Tokyo, six month warranty with a lens, around 275-350 USD, depending on the condition of the body (ie number of scratches, etc). Seems like a nice way to pick up a second body.

Here is the link to the shop, however it is in Japanese (there is a link that says ENGLISH, however this link will not give you the same info and pages as the Japanese link:


Mark Edwards
Hi Mark, Would you email me off list at Lynn@turnkeydesign.net please? I have a basic and simple question but prefer it to be off-list. Thanks
Leo, Donald ?

I paid 270 usd my G1 at Jack's Camera. It did + or - 230 € so with the custom taxes and shipping less than 300 $. Half price of what you pay in France.

It's either a good and a bad thing when the prices are going down so fastly. The resale value is less. But to join the G system it's a real opportunity.

Sorry for posting it in here, but G1 review is closed.
I have found that mine G1 is eating battery while switched off. I'm storing it without lenses. Taking off batteries each time is quite annoying. Have anyone found this bug? May be it is loosing power while with lense (which type) or without one? It is quite expensive to find out.