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G2 wont shoot


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I recently acquired a used G2 and 35mm lens. I've put a couple of rolls of film through it, and they seem OK. But now, the shutter wont fire.

It fires OK if I don't mount the lens. If I mount the lens, and press the shutter half way, I hear the focus motor operate. When I press the shutter fully, nothing happens. When the focus motor operates, I can feel vibration in the black plastic lens grip at the bottom of the lens. The lens doesn't move in or out as it did in the beginning. I'm suspecting that something's messed up with that little shaft that sticks out of the body and engages with the lens.. I think that's where the vibration is coming from. What does that shaft do? Should I see it move if I fire the shutter when there is no lens mounted?

I'm kinda hoping this is a lens problem, rather than a body problem, because the lens has a warranty but the body does not. Bummer. Any ideas? Obviously I'm going to have it looked at by a technician, maybe tomorrow or wednesday.

Neil, Ihad a similar problem on one ocasion.I would depress the shutter halfway to focus then depress fully and 1or 2 seconds would pass and then the shuttter would fire. Then I would do he same and the shutter would not fire at all.(BTW put 2 sets of fresh batteries nothig changed) Went straight to the camera repair shop and upon arriving the problem had disapeard. They tested the camera for a week on the bencch and all was fine. The problem never cama back. Some told me it was a software problem ( i set all custom functions to 0) shut off the camera and then reprogrammed it. Don't know if that helped but the camera is working like it is supposed to.
I would sugegest to make sure the lens is properly monted, that the contacts from body to lens and vice ersa are clean and to try to find a place where there would be a possibility to mount another lens than the one you already have to see how the camera reacts, if that is posible. You could also call Kyocera and ask them ifthey've ever seen such a problem. I'm not much help but i wanted to share my slightly similar experience .Good luck.

> [.When I had that problem I found that the on switch in front of 'shutter > speed was not exactly "on the line".... > Wyatt]
I took it to my technician, and he says the lens is damaged. Has a piece of something floating around in the gears, so the AF mechanism is jammed. I contacted Adorama, who sold it to me, and they are shipping me a replacement. Hopefully, end of story.


My 35/2G lens is at Kyocera service as I write for what sounds like a similar problem. I can hear the camera motor whirring, but the lens does not move into focus position. Since this does not occur with any of my other lenses, I presume that it is a problem with the 35/2 alone. The person with whom I spoke at Kyocera did not elaborate on the nature of the problem, but she did know that it would cost $120 to repair.