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Greetings from Wodonga...


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Hi everyone!

Wodonga? Never heard of it? Well, it's in Australia, south eastern Australia in fact. Look it up in GoogleEarth and you will see that it is placed right on the southern bank of the Murray River, which separates the states of Victoria and New South Wales. We have (not very tall) mountains nearby and I have been spending some time there acquiring images to sell commercially. Here is one attached below. It is of a very famous mountain cattleman's hut, situated amongst (what I consider) are some of the most photogenic trees in my part of the world, called Snowgums which are related to the Eucalypt family of trees.

Oh, by the way, I am very, very happy with the DR and colour reproduction of my Foveon powered Sigma dSLRs.

Sincere Regards, Jim Roelofs


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    Wallace Hut 0508.jpg
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Hi Jim,
I like that picture.Although there is some tension (what´s behind the trees,what´s behind the hut?) it says: No hectic
See you with more nice shots
Hi Jim,

It is a very interesting photo you posted from Wodonga (if I only knew how to pronounce it). :)

The rusty colours of the corrogated roof of the building are -in a way- similar to the wood grain of the trees in the foreground. :)
So the hut quite suits the nature around.

Hey ... Australia ... I have never been there. I just found out that we have a time differece of ca. eight hours to Australia? That means, that your time is now 20:35??

Nicely, the internet makes the world a bit smaller....;)

See you with nice pictures


Yes, Klaus, I would say that the world is shrinking drastically net wise, but also with modern day air travel.

And yes, Uwe, those mountains give me the peace I need.

That picture was taken just last week and it looks like I will be up there on the highplains again next week as the weather forecast is for snow tomorrow (Sunday). I want to see that hut in fairytale white! And with the moon over halfway at this time, maybe with it showing through the trees?

I also want to try my new radio control system for my two portable flash guns, setting them up just inside the hut's open doorway and old window frame, just before darkness.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs
Hello Jim,

I can only say that I am very much looking forward to that photo!;)

See you with nice pictures