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Happy Grandpa...


I don't usually shoot "action" but I sat in the sun this afternoon waiting for my grandson to run his one or two events. I didn't realize kids ran track on paved tracks these days. We ran on cinder tracks with spikes. Anyway I really wasn't set up correctly but managed to get a couple of shots that were acceptable. Shot in "A" on single-AF. Not seeing my exif (??) Sony a7R3 w/Tamron 28-200 (@200) ISO 100, f/5.6 @ 1/50th - cropped.
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Congratulations, Happy Grandpa! There's very little that can bring as much joy as the kids, and grandkids. Load up, keep shooting. More happiness to you, sir!
Be proud. Very nice to see and good on you!

Those are great moments to capture, well done. In the years past I have taken thousands of pictures of my three kids at sport events, concerts, dance and piano recitals and what not.

Now I am in "no man land": kids have grown and gone, but no grandchildren yet. I miss those memories-making opportunities very much.

You are a very fortunate man.