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Has Anyone Used The Leica Universal Polarizer



After doing some research on how to take polarized photographs with the G2 and which plarizer to acquire, I discovered the Leica Universal Polarizer M. The unit is supplied with a mounting ring that reportedly will fit the threads on the 28, 45 and 90mm Contax lenses. Some reports I've read say it will work with a G2. The unit is pricey and I assume that it's manufactured quality is very good.

Has anyone used this accessory? Can you comment on it's design, use with the G2, etc.?
> > > > Yes I used it often with particularly the 35 and 28 lenses. The size is big > but it is probably the best option possible and I also have the one for the > Mamiya 7 which is of similar design and structure but bigger. > Brgds/Kaisern > >

I do not know the price.
But keep in mind that for Filterview you have to buy a 77mm Polarizer!

Moreover, be carefull with a G2: Maybe the AF sensors are buried by the 77mm Filter.
I called the 800 number shown on the Filterview website. The owner of the company said that the models sold until he recently ran out cost $90 (not including the cost of the 77mm polarizing filter). He could vouch for the unit's success with Leica M cameras, but he said he hadn't tested it with Contax G series cameras.

More importantly, he explained that his machinist was not able to obtain the same type of high grade aluminum used for the units and that they were experimenting with other forms of high grade aluminum. So far, they have not been successful in producing more Filterview units. He said that he would know whether or not the item would continue in production within the next few weeks. He went on to say that if they were able to get the proper material to make more units, it's price would have to be increased to somewhere in the range of $100-125. But, he explained, that because he does this 'on the side', if the latest material they're experimenting with doesn't work, he'd probably just discontinue FilterView as an active product. He's collecting an e-mail list to notify interested people of his decision when the time comes.
Thanks very much for the information. Sounds like I will pass. Serial number 0001 is not for me at these costs.