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Having my IIIf RD and IIIg serviced



Time Money and desire have all come together this month to get my Two Leica bodies ( IIIg IIIf RD ) serviced. BUT I have run into about as monumental a camera decision as I have ever had. My local guy who I trust and has done great things for me on all my SLR's says he knows how to service them. He will be the cheapest option ($150.00 each). Then on the other side is the idea that these are the two most valuable bodies I own so should I have one of the "name" shops like DAG or Essex or Bald Mountain or or or do the service for me. The only one I have inquired as to the cost is DAG $225.00 and $250.00 for a complete go through.

I have had, if needed all of my optics cleaned and I really want to be able to use these cameras. But I'm so confused as to what direction to go for servicing. I don't mind spending the funds if what I'm getting is a value. I.E. if I have someone like DAG do the work then little things maybe not done by a local guy would get more attention or the body being serviced by a "name" shop adding value to the camera (although I sure don't expect to sell either of these but you never know what might happen) does this make any sense? SO Any advise that might help will be most welcome.
Dear Mark,

Don Goldberg is one of the best but you will not see the cameras for a long time. Sherri Krauter is in the same class but I don't know her waiting time.

Personally I would recommend Leica Camera AG. I CLA my cameras every ten years at the factory whether they apparently need it or not. I recently had a major job done on an M2 including fitting of M4 flash plugs and the cost was less that the figures you have been quoted. The cameras are away for about three months. If you wish to explore that option, the e-mail address is:


Best wishes with two of the finest cameras ever made.


Hi, it's me again, Cathy in Atlanta. Making progress on this decision of which camera and lens in which to begin my friendship with Leica.

I'm planning on the M6 0.52 for a body.

On the lens it's between the 28 F2.8 ELMARIT-M ASPHERICAL or the Summicron-M 28mm f/2.0 Aspheric. It will be used for large scenes of people or just large scenes with a few people. Such as the inteerior of a meeting room. Any suggestions on which is the better choice?
Cathy in Atlanta
Sorry about screwing up these two posts--here they are againin readable form:

John Maddox only repairs screw-mount Leicas. He did excellent CLAs on my IIIf and IIIa a couple of years ago, at a price lower than you mentioned from your local guy. Turn around time was about a month, although he took much longer than that to get around to billing me (AFTER returning my cameras). Here's His contact information (from Andrew Nemeth's Leica FAQ http://www.nemeng.com/leica/007e.shtml):

John Maddox,
L & J Leica Repair
109 Royal Oak Road
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 297-6931.
4-6 M-F, 10-6 Sat.

Bob Marvin

AFAIK Sherry Krauter's turn around time for screw-mount Leicas is MUCH longer that DAG's, I asked her about this at the NYC Camera show once and she told me that although she loves to work on these cameras they're a lot of trouble and she puts them aside until she has enough time to devote to them. FWIW, Sherry does not think highly of John Maddox who I recommended in an earlier posting, but my experience with him on 2 occasions was VERY good.

Bob Marvin