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HDR'd building


An HDR'd photo of a block of holiday appartments at West Bay Dorset. It was a single raw image which I have then Used to create 3 images before combining.


  • HDR 1 small.jpg
    HDR 1 small.jpg
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Hi James,

another very nice shot of yours.

Well .... I am NO expert on HDR-photography but the shot does not seem to contain very high dynamic differences between the darkest shadows and the brightest lights?! ;)

What would be different, if you developed this picture from just one single converted RAW?

Could you post a NON-HDR for comparism?

See you with nice pictures


Having checked, the original was actually off my canon compact!! Whoops. I have attached a copy of the original image in any case. I did actually over and under expose it to produce 3 images on photoshop.

I like it because its a bit whacky!!! The picture that is , not the camera!!


  • IMG_0010 small.jpg
    IMG_0010 small.jpg
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Hi James,

compared with the original, the HDR-version is much shinier, somehow brighter and more colourful.

Anyway, it profits from treatment! :)

See you with nice pitures

I thought I would play around with the image to see what HDR would do. Its a strange programme but if u get it right, its superb. I am still getting there!!
Thanks for thie inspiration ... I think I will do some experiments with Photomatix, too. This looks very interesting.

Maybe, I can shoot some interesting material for HDR treatment in London this wekkend??! I will see.:)

See you with nice pictures