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Hello from London


New Member
I bought a DP1X this summer and after just some three months I can say that I'm hooked on the Foveon look and also the dynamic range to the images. In fact so much so that I am considering an SD15 or perhaps adding a DP2x to my DP1x. However I know nothing about the Sigma lens range so this post is both an introduction and to ask your assistance. May I ask for your wide and normal Sigma lens recommendations? I'm not that into telephoto photography so anything about 100mm isn't really of interest. I am interested in sharp lenses given what I've seen from the DP1X output. I would be interested in an SD1 body (of course if the price were to fall) so any lens suggestions would need to be equally good for the SD1 in the future as well as the SD15 now. Many thanks and I look forward to posting some images soon.
Hello...few suggestions....(I own all of these)...

- 15-30mm
- 24mm
- 30mm
- 24-60mm
- 20-40mm
- 50-150mm

Would all be lenses that I would tell you to look at getting...

You can see most of these in action here: Flickr Account or Website

A couple honorable mentions....
Older 90 Macro is great...
8-16mm is great...

The SD15 is a good camera...but if you can get an SD14 at a good price...might be well worth-it...and just spend more on lenses... :z04_photos:

Good Luck...Tony C. :z04_cowboy:

I've had my SD14 for about 10 months, and find it very capable.

I look forward to seeing your pictures.

I'm on the "dark" side... I use very little the Sigma lenses on my SD9/SD14. I got a M42 adapter and use old manual focusing lenses. Got as well a 50mm 1.7 Zeiss Planar converted to Sigma.

Also keep my DP1s, and got rid of the DP2 (mainly to dust spots in the sensor that were impossible to clean without sending the cam to the repair center.

I have a Tair 11A 135mm M42 lens that I use with many of my cameras. It is nice and sharp, and with 20 iris blades makes some really good bokeh.