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Hello from Norway


Hi all!
Been shooting canon digital 1 series for roughly the last ten years, but have always had one of my film Hasselblads in my bag when on assignments...

I run a little studio in a little village in the north western coastal area of Norway, English by blood, norwegian by choice :) Moved to Norway some 14 years ago... met my wife and moved up here to this area 5 years ago... I am surrounded by fjords and mountains, but despite this I am a people photographer first and foremost.. I do the usual portrait stuff but also a good deal corporate/commercial for local and national companies... Being in such a small place I need to have several areas of work...

I have just made the leap to digital Hasselblad, with an H4D-40 with 80mm, 28mm and 50-110mm lenses, looking forward to adding a longer lens to the stable (probably the 200mm but having had the 200m f2 canon I have a yearning for the hasselblad 300mm ) later this year...

My webpage (which has not been updated for way too long) is in my profile, but I update my facebook page regularly... the link is on my webpage... (not a great fan of FB but it works for my customers and brings in new ones! )