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Hi from London South


New Member
Mildly , but disruptively autistic , ONLY pre-war Contax and ... sorry ... post war non German derivatives calm me .

I used a new Contax 139 f1.7 many years ago , but would always have loved AN RTS II .
I am here to read others' experience of both pre-war and post war Contax .
Welcome to the forum, dee, and surpised that no one has replied to you as yet. If you search around in here you will find information about the RTS II; and probably other members will give you the information you require.
My Contax addiction started with the 167 MT; then that was followed by the Contax AX; and finally the Contax N1. If you want reviews of the different Contax models, then OTC (Based in the UK) have various books with tests made on cameras, as reviewed by Amateur Photographer, when the cameras were new. The Contax book also ncludes Yashica cameras. Price about £15.
Thanks .
I hope to check out the posts here and add my own controversial ideas about dead pre-war Contax destined for the parts bin .