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Highly recomended repair shop for screw mount stuff



I just picked up from the Post office a Summarit f1.5 5cm that I sent to KB Camera in California on Sept. 30th for a complete CLA. For those calender challeged that was just 8 days ago. I want you all to read the email I sent the shop.

Richard you and your shop are amazing it came back so fast I thought for sure you were returning it because you couldn't clean it. BUT WOW it looks like new I'm so happy I found you. I have a 9cm f4 Elmar A-36 that I just got (cause I didn't bid what I knew I should have on yours) and I would love to have you do your thing to it also. I will have it in tomorrows mail along with a $75.00 MO (as per your web site) If you can do to it (it's cleaner then the Summarit was) what you did to my other lens I will be super happy. We are going on vacation end of the month and if it's back in time that would be great. Well I have to go tell all the people on my discussion groups how happy I am with your work. Can't wait to burn some film throught this puppy!!

For anyone interested their website which besides representing their business has a bunch of great Leica info is: kbcamera.com their email is at: sales@kbcamera.com I have only one connection with these guys and that is as a VERY HAPPY customer and thought others in the group would like to know.

Mark W.

Canonitis FD sufferer and collector of 1950s rangefinder cameras including Braun/Paxettes and one little Leica IIIf RD

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I like John at Focal Point, Inc located in Colorado...fair, quick and professional for my screw mount and other Leica equipment. Easy to talk to, and great with advice...thanks