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Hoganekkal Falls - 6x6 B&W


Hoganekkal Falls is on the border of Karnataka and Tamilnadu in India. The River Cauvery flows from Karnataka into Tamilnadu through the gorges here creating beautiful waterfalls.

Hasselblad 500C with 80/2.8C Planar
TriX EI 250 developed in Rodinal 1+50
Agitation every min (instead of my regular every two mins) to create higher grain.

500C_TriX_16082011_001 by a5hwin, on Flickr

500C_TriX_16082011_003 by a5hwin, on Flickr

500C_TriX_16082011_004 by a5hwin, on Flickr

500C_TriX_16082011_005 by a5hwin, on Flickr

500C_TriX_16082011_007 by a5hwin, on Flickr
Nice pictures, and let's hope that old good B&W will never die! If you want to enhance grain on Tri-X try Rodinal 1+25 - but take care at contrast.
Beautiful series and very well composed in B&W and forgive me for saying the last one need little dusting off the neg!