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How to enter MF? Fujifilm GFX 50R vs Hasselblad X1D II


I always look at Medium Format as a potential add on for my camera systems. Since my Rollei 6008 I, I have not used Medium Format anymore, but always wanted to have "one day" a digital MF camera. Price made that impossible so far.

I am not yet sure whether 2024 will be the year I will enter MF, but at least I look closer into it again, because I do not find an appropriate 28mm FFL solution for my fullframe L-Mount system or my Fuji APSC system.

L-Mount only has big and heavy 28mm Leica lenses (and way to expensive) and Fuji has a mediocre very old 18/2.0. The new Fuji 18/1.4 is excellent, but bigger and then there is the question of the body. My XPro2 is not the fastest, I do not like the XPro3 and my new XT5 does not yet grow on me. I like the rangefinder style more and 40MP on an APSC sensor is not always a good thing.

There are other alternatives like the Leica Q3. There are excellent reviews about the Q3, but this is a price range of Medium Format. As a consequence I look now again at Medium Format and see, whether an older model second hand could be a better solution than a Leica Q3 or a Leica 28mm SL lens with a MF price tag on it

I do think that there are many hobby photographers out there, who have similar thoughts. This is why I open this thread and ask the more experienced member to share their experience for newbies into the MF world.

I found an interesting video on YouTube about a comparison between the Fujifilm GFX 50R and the Hasselblad X1D II

As you might have guessed by now, I am looking for any kind of MF body with a FFL around 36mm (the aquivilant of a 28mm in fullframe view) lens. Maybe it is a good idea to adapt a 28mm fullrame lens on a Fuj GFx body, if there is no true 28mm for GFX available?

Any recommendations, experiences etc. are welcome.
The issue you may face if you are going to adapt a 28mm lens to Medium Format is image circle of the lens, it might not be enough to cover the whole of the sensor so you would have vignetting to deal with.
Also, from what I have read and talk to others is can the lens resolve onto the large 50mb sensor?

If you are going to go down that route the Fujifilm is the one to go for its focal plane shutter allows more adaptation and why you can get manual lens from Mitakon or Irix for example to fit the camera.

Hasselblad is very much more limiting to basically adapting their own H or V series lens to fit the body but I am not sure if they give the 28mm lens angle your after.

Good luck in your quest.
Agree with Nikki!
Just this week I made the move from FF to MF .....well, "larger than FF" as some also like to call it ;-) (all FF Sony gear sold, and now MF and NF only).
Good luck!