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How to make the DP2 AF sing!

Hi all! I posted this on another user board and the encouraging reception there prompted me to share it with you too! Here it is: HOW TO MAKE THE DP2's AF SING Okay, I've paid probably way too much attention to the way the DP2's auto-focus mechanism sounds, being spurred on in no uncertain manner by the mainly disparaging comments that various reviewers have made about the clanky clunky noise the DP2 makes, as well as the unreliablity of its AF system. Here's my thoughts: a) better take the lens cap off before you turn the camera on. Otherwise the three seconds or so the camera takes to get ready turns to at least six seconds plus the deadly screen warning of ignominy ("Remove the front cap, and recycle the power"), plus wrestling with the lens cap to get it off NOW... or otherwise get the Ricoh 3-leaf self opening lens cap, just don't forget to put some tape or other non-marring surface on the inside of the leaves so as not to scratch the lens barrel as it pushes its way out to open the lens cap. b) set the AEL to AFL at least, or AEL/AFL as others have indicated c) when you're auto-focusing, know which zone out of the 9 AF zones ("small white brackets") is active. I'm kinda slow at that so I left it set on the center zone. My point is, know where that little autofocus bracket is in relation your overall viewfinder frame d) aim that AF bracket at the nearest high contrast edge in your subject. Contrast is how the DP finds focus. Just use the edge of the face, corner of a white shirt on black background, whatever, and get that little bracket marker to cut through that contrasty subject like a slash through the AF bracket, kinda like so: DARK AREA ---> { / ]

Yikes! No more posting space. Or formatting either. Sorry about that, but my original article exists, and it's readily searchable under the title above "MAKING OUR DP2's AF SING...", if you want to find it! Cheers Chris