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Huge Iconcache file on Win 11?


New Member
On my Windows 11 desktop, the Iconcache_256.db has jumped to 1.2 gigabytes. I regularly check for large files, so I know this is a recent event. It was big before, but nowhere near that big. I did the normal rebuild by killing Explorer, deleting it, and rebooting. That only reduced it by about 500K. Still 1,242,111 KB.

Google tells me how to increase this cache, recommending going from 500K to 4MB. But no searching explains such a huge file, or how to reduce it. I don't understand what all is in this cache. I've only got about 100 desktop or sub-folder icons. Many are custom icons I've downloaded, but all are standard 256k size. Most of my folders are set to display text "Details", not Icons.

Any clues?