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I dropped my G1


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I recently returned from a 1month backpacking trip through central america "Panama". I had a great time and feel I got a some good shots. I dropped my camera from about 3.5 feet on the left edge. It dented the left corner where the drive/ISO buttons are. The drive button got pressed in making the camera unusable. I was in the mountains and I used my swiss army knife to cut off one of the buttons and to get the camera back on DX so i could put any roll of film in and be able to shoot. I got this to happen and shot for the last week of my trip.

My camera is very ugly now and has to stay on the single drive mode and can only be used on DX. Im selling my 35mm and 90mm lenses that are in perfect shape. Contact me if you are interested. If you know of how much Contax charges for this repair please let me know.