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ICC profiles for the Scan Elite 5400 from Minolta


New Member

Has anybody got some profiles or tips on improving scans from the Scan Elte 5400 in Photoshop. I am using the Generation I 5400.

I am using (since a short time) a Contax body (RTS III) with three lenses, the 28mm f2.8, the 50mm f1.4 and the 135 f2.8. The films are Fuji Reala and Fuji Velvia 100.

Any tips links etc. appreciated.

I am a newbie at this foram and my full name is Ton de GOijer from the Netherlands. Any questions, feel free to ask them.

Hi Ton.
I'm also a happy RTS III & few CZ lenses & Minolta 5400 II user.
Native Minolta software sucks, don't even try to get any good scan from it. I have three scanners (Nikon 4000, that Minolta and Epson V750) and I use SilverFast software on all three. You may find some not happy comments about the Minolta on this forum, but this is not a device but software problem. They have free demo download on silverfast.com - worth trying..


I will look into the Silverfast software. I have heard of it before and as allways there are different opinions on using the original software versus f.i. Silverfast ot Vuescan. I did also hear that Silverfast has film profiles, that should make live easier.

Thanks for this tip.

I have another question though, has anybody used the technique of making two scan, one for the light and one for the dark areas and than combine them. If so, can you tell me how it is done.