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Infared I want give me

everything i need to achieve this. i know filters arent cheap but do i need specific film. how is B&W? can i process this manually? what else? thanks in advance!
Seems that if you have a EOS system will not work with IR films. There is a diode inside the film chamber that the IR film is sensitive for.

You will need IR film, which is B&W film with an extended IR response. They are all sensitive to visible wavelengths as well, so you need to use a very deep red or IR-only filter so that most of the image-forming energy comes from the IR. For film, there are various options from Konica, Kodak and Ilford. Ilford SFX is an "extended red" film rather than a full IR film, meaning that it doesn't go as far beyond visible red compared to the others. Kodak High Speed Infra Red is at the other extreme but must be loaded in total darkness because the emulsion has no anti-halation layer. This means that light can "pipe" into the film base via the edge of the exposed leader, and expose the whole roll! It also means that you get ghostly halos around any bright objects in the image. If you have a search around on photo.net you'll find plenty of information about this stuff, with hints regarding filters and processing.

Regarding the choice of camera, Ricardo is partly right in that most EOS models will fog IR film due to the LED in the film chamber. However, the EOS-1v is safe for use with IR film, and it may be that other 1-series cameras are too. Someone else has just asked this in another thread, so it may be worth waiting to see whether a definitive answer turns up there.

-= mike =-
I've used a Tiffin IR filter with my A2E. It's necessary to use a tripod, focus and frame the pic first, then attach the filter and take the shot. When the filter is held up to the light, it appears black. It's tricky. I've used Kodak IR film but not with a Canon. And it is supposed to be loaded in absolute dark.