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Information on Elmar 90


Active Member
This thread is for information on a lens I recently acquired: it is a LTM Elmar 90.
The aperture ring ranges are from 4 (of course) to 32 it is chrome with letherette on the base near the mount (less than 1 cm wide more or less).
Detachable head for visoflex use.
Lens number is 1382xxx which dates back to 1955.
The strange thing is that it has two filter rings: one it seems 34mm and the other 39mm and I never saw this strange "double filter" configuration.
I tried to unscrew what could be a step-up ring but unsuccessfully: maybe is too tight or maybe...it is not a step-up ring at all!
Do you have some information or ideas that can help me improve my knowledge on this beautiful lens?
Thanks in advance,
re: paolo's question on the 90mm, f4 Leica screw-mount lens #1,382,xxx, Lager's Vol II on Leica lenses says that all Leica 9cm Elmars from 1931 to #1,573,000 use an A-36 cl&-on filter.
Since it's probably easier to find a 39mm filter than a 36mm filter, the previous owner of the lens may have first put the 36 mm ring on the lens and then added the 39mm ring to the front of the first ring, to which you can now add a 39 mmm filter.
If you want to use a visoflex, you have to first unscrew the lens mount and screw on what is known as an OUAGO [16467]attachment, then then fits onto the front of the visoflex. --bob cole
Dear Bob,
Thanks a lot for the information: I really need a good book to start studying seriously!
I'll try this nice lens as soon as practicable.