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Is Contax dead in the digital era


New Member
1. This is a serious question, I'm just wondering what (if anything) Contax is doing in re: producing a quality SLR digital camera.
2. I am seriously looking to purchase a digital camera (SLR) and essentially most camera companies have a digital SLR or at least numerous digital cameras to choose from (even Leica has accounced their plans for the digital back for their SLR etc...). The ONLY company that seems lost in this new era is Contax. Their N-digital was a commerical flop and for us Contax users who really want to continue using the great zeiss lens, the company does absolutely nothing to inform us about upcoming products--perhaps there are no solid products in the near future.
3. As such, I'm just wondering if anyone out there has solid information about product development at Contax; if not, I guess I'm going to have to go with the new Sony (which has a Zeiss lens) or go with a company who has lead the way in this new digital era (Canon), as opposed to living in the past (Contax).

Thanks for any info. Harry
Well Harry,

It does depend on what you mean by solid information. I don't believe there are any members who work for Contax, so in terms of inside knowledge, I don't think anyone has provided us with any information.

A few members have spoken to dealers who seem to be aware of a new DSLR due out in the first quarter of next year. But nobody is particularly sure in what form that camera will take.

Like yourself, I'm looking for the same product and if I don't get a positive indication by the Spring of next year, I may need to look elsewhere - and that would be a pity.

Cheers, Saras
I recently spent several weeks researching the digital SLR market. I would have preferred to buy a Contax because of the lens quality, but regrettably found that Contax has nothing that can currently compete, in terms of price and features, with Canon in terms of a digital SLR. (One of my fears is that Contax will be eventually put out of business by Canon.) Nonetheless, I still believe that the Zeiss lens produces a negative or slide that when scanned into a digital file produces an image far superior to anything a current digital SLR can produce. So I bought the new Canon Digital Rebel "for fun" and will continue to scan my film negatives from my Contax system.
Maybe we shouldn't worry about a company going out of business so long as their *best of breed* technology is still used. Eg., maybe contax will start selling its lenses to canon so that the *best of breed* lens is now attached to a *best of breed* digital chip. *Usually* consumers win when mergers/buyouts/market shifts happen because the less efficient technology goes away. FWIW, Scott