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Is the image quality superb when Hasselblad lens



I wonder the image quality when Hasselbald lens adapted to contax body. For ex&le, will the image as sharp when Hasselbald 120mm/f4 or 180mm/f4 attached to contax camera body as
contax 100mm/f2.8 macro lens?
I would think so.We are talking Zeiss here.
However , if you already have the above lenses ,then by all means go ahead with the adapter, otherwise I think you will be better off using the 100/2 p or the 180/2.8 s.

The only lens that I want to mount on my contax from the hasselblad right now is the Tele-Superachromat T* 300/2.8.

It is reputed to be the "best of the best" in the Tele range.All this doesn't come cheap - of course.With a price tag of between 16000USD TO 20000USD and a limited production of about 300-400 unit of it ....hmm

Jonathan Tan
I use all my Hasselblad Lenses on a Contax 645. Prior to getting a N camera I also used them on a AX as AF lenses. They are especially better on a 35mm camera because you are using the center sweet spot and avoiding any slight edge fall off of quality. the Hasselblad 120 Macro is very good due to its very flat field. My favorite Hasselblad lens on the Contax is the FE-110/2. I don't even own a F body to put it on. It strictly is used on a Contax 645. It focuses very close, and at f/2 has a Bokeh to die for.

I currently use the awesome Contax 350/4 and wonder how it compares at f/4 to the Hassey Superachromat mentioned above? The 350 focuses down so close that I can use it for head shots in my small studio. that alone makes it worth the Kings' ransom it set me back.
I've been thinking of getting the Hassy adapter and using my Hassy lenses on an Aria. Does anyone know what functions will be lost if any? Can I still use aperture priority and shutter priority? Must I do stop-down metering? Thanks.

Did it, too. You can use aperture priority and manual setting. You must use= stop down metering. With the little lever to stop down on CF- an F-lenses = quite easy, if nowadays somewhat anoying.

With the AX even AF works if you do not stop down too much or focus before.= After a while you develop a certain working routine.

Just try it.

Regards, Th.

Just try it.
The 180mm Blad lens seems to be a better portrait lens than the 150mm Blad, on a Blad. Would this hold true in comparing the 180mm adapted to the 645 vs. the Contax Zeiss 140mm? What features would I lose shooting the Blad 180mm on the 645 body vs. shooting the 140mm on it?
I wanted to purchase the 350/4 Contax but the specs say it is 8 lbs plus. The Hasselblad 350/5.6 CF weighs less than 3 lbs and works great with my 645. As luck would have it the 52mm Contax extension tube allows macro work and the 1.4x Contax Mutar gives me a 490mm/f8. My next trial will be to put the 1.4x and extension ring together for a 490mm macro, and then use it with the nam-1 adapter on the N-1. I hope the Contax mounts are strong.
?? How are you folks using Hassy lenses on a 645? Is there an adapter for this? If so, where can I get it? Thanks.
There is a Hasselblad branded adapter available from Contax.

Items I use frequently are the Hassey Fisheye, 110/2 F lens, 180/4 CFE and 1.4X PC Mutar for shift work with a Hassey 40mm and 50mm. You have to manually stop down when shooting, but I rarely do so when using the 110/2 or 180/4.
Am thinking of switching my Hasselblad with 120 for Contax 645 with benefit of autofocus but the lens I was thinking of is 140 and will not focus close for baby studio head shots - anyone any ideas of lens to go for? Have only small studio.
Any thoughts much appreciated.Chris