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IXUS 430 or Powershot A80



Hi, I am about to buy new digital camera but I can't decide between Ixus 430 and PS A80. The price is almost the same. I need quality. Any ideas? Thank you
The imaging engines are probably the same in both cameras, but the A80 is much more of a photographer's digital P&S while the IXUS/Digital Elph is a small, stylish multimedia accessory.

Both cameras will most likely return images of the same "quality", but the A80 offers much more flexibility and control over the image-making process. The 430 only has Program AE and manual exposure modes while the A80 offers those as well as shutter and aperature priority AE. Also, the A80 accepts telephoto and wide-angle lens additions and the ability to use 52mm filters or close-up lens. Finally, the A80 uses AA size batteries (I would definitely suggest rechargables), and it's always nice to know that your power source is ubiquitious.

These are both great cameras, but they're aimed at different market segments. If size and weight is the deciding factor then the 430 is the way to go. However, if you're willing to carry a slightly larger and heavier camera as well as some accessories you're going to get a lot more control over your images with the A80
Thanks, Matthew!
That's what I needed to know. Actually I'm looking for qualitative small digital camera. I don't need to have backpack with me to carry it
. My first choice was Casio Exilim Z4 but it doesn't worth the money. IXUS 430 and A80 are better by my opinion.

Both cameras are almost the same in general so it was hard to decide which one to buy.
Once again thanks for the answer!
). By the way, do you know site on the net where are presented pictures taken by the different camera models?
Hey KK,

if you are looking for s&le images, just go to Canon's official site www.powershot.com. There you can select the PowerShot A80 and the PowerShot S410 (which is the american IXUS 430). Just click on one of the cameras to go to their products page. Then on the leftside of the page, you can click on S&le Images. You will see the shooting information as well...

by the way, I have a PowerShot A80 myself and I can tell you that it really rocks!

You can compare both cameras as well on www.canon-europa.com, clicking on 'Compare Products', choose 'Digital Compact' and there you can put both cameras next to each other to compare all specs...

Hope this helps...