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Just arrived here


New Member

I am just new here. I am from France and got started into photography not too long ago.
I love taking pictures. Well they are not too bad but I know it could be better.
Due to financial crisis here in France :) I only bought a Sony Reflex A230 and just bought a Sigma 70-300mm.

Well I need to learn more about taking pictures.... I have been looking around and I found your forum pretty cool.

By the way, I found your forum while looking for a user manual for the Sigma 70-300. I watched few videos on YouTube but would prefer a good user manual written by a professional.

Any advices ? Oh... I am a beginner so nothing complex please :)



Well-Known Member
I don't think there are any good manuals out there...just play with it...the sony a230 is a great starter camera, and the 70-300 will do a good job in a wide range of area's...

YouTube is a good place but look at the videos with the comparable Nikon/Sony/Canon lenses...all of them are about the same as far as how/when/and settings to use with them...

Good Luck and I look forward to seeing your pictures...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: