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Announcement Last call for the survey - please participate!


Dear ex-dpreview users,

this is the last call to participate in our first survey. For those of you, who have not finished yet all answers in the past, please do so now. Please also read my recommendations for questions with which you might have had problems in the past:

In case you never tried a specific functionality or used DPRF with a smartphone, it would help, if you just try it once with a smartphone or try a feature i.e. uploading images etc. out to answer these questions. Of course we want to have in this survey also the feedback of users, who are not experienced with image uploads or smartphones. So please take your time and try it out. After that, answer the question.

For some questions, just use your gut feelings. That helps already a lot. This is not a scientific survey. We collect first impressions, emotions, gut feelings you have so far with us.

Here is again the link for this survey: