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LCD screen digital cameras


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Hello again Larry,

"Consider carefully - digital is not for everyone. I do have a well received essay on the topic at http://www.larry-bolch.com/film-vs-digital/"

I have just read your article. Thanks for that. It was very interesting. You certainly do make a persuasive argument for the LCD screen type of camera. I had previously dismissed these because I did not like viewing on an electronic held to the eye viewfinder. I found it not at all satisfying compared to a proper optical viewfinder.

The point you make of using a swivelling screen held well away from the eye in a similar but advanced way that the screen on a digital compact is used, makes a lot of sense. I will go and test some models and especially the Nikons.

I have read less than complimentary reviews of image quality from all the current 8MP bridge cameras which I gather all use the same Sony sensor. I think the main problem was of too many pixels crammed on to a tiny sensor causing noise. I would be interested in your real life findings on that as I think you have now acquired the Nikon one.

Also, do you have any problem of action or candid shots being missed due to the camera reacting slowly or has that problem now been overcome?

Thanks again,