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Leica Elmarit 28mm vs Summicron 28mm Big difference



Has anyone significant experience using both the latest version of the Elmarit 28mm as well as Summicron 28mm?

Aside from the extra stop, are there any noticeable differences in contrast / sharpness...?

While it is very easy to find a used Elmarit in good shape, the Summicron is just too new.

Trying to keep my budget down but don't want to make a HUGE sacrifice in quality (For ex&le I currently own the 90mm Elmarit which I personally believe is outstanding in terms of its image quality).

Thanks for any feedback,

> [HEllo, the 28,2,8 is a formidable lens, I would not pay a penny more > for a 28/2,0. If you read Leica information they write that they could > achieve with the the summicron the same performance of the 2,8. The > elmarit is a benchmark (btw like 50/2, 90/2,8. Regards ALex]

I am using the latest model of Elmarit 28, which I bought after having traded out the Canadian release of it (the model just before the present one, built in Germany)that I used before, also with great pleasure.

The Canadian one was outstanding from f/4 but a bit less good at 2.8 than the current Elmarit 28.

The current Elmarit 28 is already perfect at 2.8 in all respect: Sharpness, colour rendition, resistance to flare and as the previous one , does not distord the image. It is also more compact than the earlier one.

Actually, if you look how the new Elmarit is build, you will see that there is more glass than needed in front of the diaphragm. This is to allow for a better correction at 2.8.

To me you would only need the summicron if you need that extra stop. The summicron 28 gives you the same quality (not better) at all stops available on the Elmarit 28, the summicron is maybe a little bit better in the extreme corners than the Elmarit (it is aspherical to correct the corners).

Best ergards.