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Leica projector and lens which to buy



I am interested in buying a leica projector and lens and am hoping that some list members can offer advice on which to buy. Using B&H as a source for prices, the RT-M projector is 1695 and the RT-S is 925. The "features" note indicates that both projectors have the same basic Pradovit features. Leaving aside that the RT-M has a the capability for PC control of up to 16 projectors, is there any significant difference in these two in ordinary usage?

Also the lenses. B&H lists a 85-150mm projection lens for $169, but the range seems quite wide, including one lens which lists for about $1600. If one buys the cheaper lens is one defeating the whole purpose of buying a leica projector?

Bill Lafferty

I have just purchased a Leica Pradovit RT-S projector and now wondering what lens to use. For a start, you may only use PRO-series lens or selected P- or P2-series lenses with adaptor. The choice of focal length would really depend on your projection screen size (so I learned). The quality of any PRO-series lens should be good but I don't think you need to spend tonnes of money on it. My inclination is to get the versatile focal length of 90mm, Super-colorplan PRO 90mm f2.5 that is. Which one you bought?

Happy projecting.

Help! I have a 1951 Leitz Projector (Prado)eliptical shape somewhat similar to a blimp almost and medium green color. My problem is that the fan motor is not working anymore, although you can still project slides after a few minutes it starts smoking and have to cut it off. Any idea where I can have this fix without paying a whole lot of money or is it possible I can install a new fan motor myself? Any takers on this one.
Wow, Malcom Taylor. Now there's a name I haven't heard for years. I'm so glad he's still around.
Quality of his workmanship is outstanding. The only independent name I ever heard Leitz(Leica)in the UK recommend.(as against mention)
Gentle Warning!
Another of these old 1951 Leitz Projectors (Prado)with eliptical shape used my father for about fourty years. Even when the fan motor was working fine, you could only use it for glass-framed slides. Because of the great heat glassless slides plopped out of the area of sharpness immediately and had been destroyed after projecting for some minutes. So if you don't want roasted slides, buy a new one and keep the old one for your private museum.

For very comfortable viewing without a dark interval between slides, consider the CA2502.

Does anyone know anything re the Leica RC slide projector ? I have been searching the net but no answers. Was it a 250W l& ?What trays does it use? Any help much appreciated !

The Prodovit RC (Remote Control)is circa 1974.Manual focus; Uses normal Leica,Kindermann straight trays-36 or 50 slides); Detachable, well ventilated plastic housing;Modular contruction facilitates servicing;Three point support,Vertical adjustment,Levelling adj.;Direct blower cooling;Built-in transformer for 24v 150W tungsten halogen l& for 110-240v,50 or60Hz;On-off switch;L& economy and daylight projection switch;Automatic thermostatic cut-out;Disconnecting plug;L& adjustment in three directions easily accessible from outside;Aspherical condenser system;Interchangeable lenses from 50mm to 150mm;Effective formats of up to 24x36mm;Light pointer built into remote control unit;Standing area 190x200;Height 140mm .
Hope this helps.