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Leica summicron 28mm F2 asph wide angle lens for M6



What is the real difference between the 28mm summicron F/2.8 and the latter discussed lens? Is it really that noticeable a difference to justify putting out hard cold cash and buying the newer version? Should one just be content to keep the older lens? The 28 F/2.8 always seemed to come through in all situations. Someone give me an objective opinion to justify trading up.

Unfortunately, this question is in the wrong category, so I doubt you'll get many answers. Let me say, first of all, that I have no experience with either lens, so I'm an "armchair critic"!

The 28 f/2 Summicron-M ASPH costs around $300 more than the 28mm f/2.8 Elmarit-M. As far as I can tell, from reading Erwin Puts' "brochure" on M lenses, the Elmarit is an excellent lens and loses out to the Summicron only by having slightly less very fine detail in the outermost regions of the image and, of course, being one stop slower. The lenses are comparable in size and weight (only 10 grams difference) and take the same size filters (E46).

So, it would seem that the only real benefit of the Summicron is its extra stop. If that's worth the cost to you of upgrading, go ahead; otherwise, IMHO, there's nothing wrong with your existing lens and you might as well stick with it!
Rodney, I moved your posting in the appropriate thread, so you do not have to post it a second time.

I own the Summicron M and find it to be an amazing lens. It has the best imaging qualities of any lens I have owned. Detail is amazing, distortion fairly well controlled and flare minimal. I don't own the 2.8m, just the R (which is excellent). Images from this lens have the kind of smooth, perfect color reproduction and contrast that can give 35mm the medium format look.

The primary "fault" of the lens is vignetting, which is fully controlled by about f4.5. At the widest apertures it can be noticable, particulary with high contrast slide films.

If you really need a high speed wide angle, this is the best you can get. Wether you really NEED it is of course, up to you. Most of us in the Leica community are gadget geeks as well as photographers, and it's this part of my personality that keeps me addicted...Such a lovely addiction.

Best wishes,
Dan States
Grand Forks ND
What would be a "fair price" for a mint version of the f2 cron, there is one on ebay and I have made a bid but he wants £1100 for it, I think I would go as far as £900 but is it worth this amount? any info appreciated.
Danny in Liverpool UK
Make sure you ask if there is ANYTHING broken about it, less than brand new and why he is selling it. Ebay seems to be a famous hangout for tellers of grey-lies.
If it truly is mint, I suppose you could subtract a few hundred (?) for the warranty and beyond that, whoever backs up their desire for it with the most money gets it. 1100 ($1700) doesn't sound bad if you really want it and don't see others available.
just my thoughts
What is "fair"? GBP 1100,-- is approx. Euro 1700,--. And it is possible to get this lens brandnew for Euro 1850,--.
I do not own this lens but have tried it, super! All ASPH lenses are really excellent. A.o. I own the Summi 90 mm ASPH, razorsharp (with that lifelike touch), even full-open, the strength of Leica-lenses.
For your information: visit www.imx.nl.
Dear Danny,

When buying on eBay, I contact the seller, and reach agreement that if successfull at auction the lens will be shipped to Solms for checking and returned with full refund if not acceptable. If the vendor is not agreeable to such a condition, I do not bid.

As to price, for a lens still available new I never bid more that two thirds of the prices at:


Best of luck.

> Thanks to all who replied to my question, much obliged, just love this list . Danny
It is routine to expect to pay no more than two thirds of the typical new selling price. This would be mint, in box with all papers, etc.