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Leica Viewfinder for 212428mm lenses



For users considering this well-made accessory, I thought I'd give a quick summary of my experience with it. Hope this info can be of some help.

My favourite wide-angle in the Leica M range is the 24mm. The Leica wide-angle viewfinder accomodates this, as well as the 21mm & 28mm lenses.


- really well-made. Combination of metal & plastic/rubberized parts (eyepiece).

- clear view for all three focal lengths.

- distinct clicks from one focal length to the next.

- Price not much more than a fixed, wide-angle Leica finder.


- for some eye-glass users (like me), not possible to see the entire frame.

- unlike a brightline finder, can't see beyond the frame to see what's happening just outside the lines.

- easy to accidentally move the detent from one focal length to another & not notice until too late.

- bulky.

- front lens easily smeared or scratched.

Bottom line - currently, I'm only using the 24mm out of the three focal lengths this finder can accomodate. For me, the fixed 24mm brightline is a better choice (and the Leica 24mm can even be used with a 21mm - same finder, different lines). Also, as an eye glass user, I can't see the entire frame, which is very annoying. Once again, the fixed finder provides that.

Still, the quality of this finder is very nice. If you use a 28mm plus one or both of the other focal lengths & don't wear glasses, this is a very nice finder to use.