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Lens Availability in UK



Hi all.

I have just spoken to two dealers and now Kyocera UK. All three say they have never heard of the 55mm Distagon for the 645. I am trying to find out if it is generally available, and if not, when it will be . Can anyone help me?
It is listed as "in stock" by B&H Photo in New York. The price is US$1495. You can check it yourself at . I believe that they will ship orders outside the U.S, if you really want to have one.

In any case, this clearly shows that the lens does exist and is available.
Whilst I don't own this lens, I have had it on my camera.
Camera World in Oregon has it instock (at least they did when I was there). Also Camera World is the best place, bar none that I have dealt with for mail purchases and that includes B & H who just never seem to have the time to talk. Camera World also has better prices on the stuff I have bought. Last item R/A finder for my 645 arrived in 72 hrs!!!!
> Colin, I'm interested in your comments about Camera World. Do you know what their web address is? I'm trying to figure out the best place to buy when I make my purchase in a few months. (You might have seen my other post asking about ordering direct from Germany...I'm considering all options) Thanks, Lynn
Hi John,

I own the lens, it's great. I do not know why you can't get hold of it in UK

Thanx for the response. I have just spoken to Frazer Allen from Kyocera Yashica, UK ,and he has cleared it all up. Th elens is listed as a Pro item and is not stocked by all Contax Dealers in the UK. His call has renewed my faith in pre- and after sales service.
I'm also a UK user looking for the 55mm, however I'll be working in the USA next week and might take advantage of the lower American Contax prices. Can anyone recommend a Contax dealer in Los Angeles (ideally near the Century City area)who might carry the 55mm as a stock item?

You are in luck. I live in downtown Los Angeles and there is a very reputable place in West Los Angeles called Samy's Camera. They are on the web at www.samyscamera.com and from there you can check driving directions from Century City.

They are a very good, reputable retailer and the pro department is on the 3rd floor. You'll find Contax gear up towards the far end out of the elevator.

Good Luck
> Gary,

Bel Air Camera in Westwood village is about 10 mins from Century City. (if traffic is good, can't count on that tho!) They are a Contax dealer. Hope this helps.

Chip >
garry try either sammy's or belair but call them up to make sure they got the lens, or u can have it mail order from NY or hk to your hotel in LA!! must arrange before hand