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Lens hood


New Member

I've got a lens hood for my elmar 90 f4 lens (I think it's a FIKUS) that fits perfectly to the lens. My problem is that I've got now a "new" elmar lens, a 135mm f4. But the hood does not fit to this lens because the external diameter of the lens is bigger.
Does anybody know what kind of hood I need? (I have also a summitar, but without the matching hood, and would be interested in finding one...)

Dear Oliver,

# 12575

I have a spare if you are interested.

Dear Nino,
According to my Leica catalogue there was a change in 1987.
The M-camera up to 1987: Partnumber is 14362 for the + 1 diopter.
The M-camera after 1987: the partnumber is 14351 for the + 1 diopter. I have -1,-2, +1.5, +2.0 if anyone is in need.

Finn Ove Gaasoy