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Lens poll...



I am very close of purchasing a new SD14... Now the hard part... which lens should I buy...? I know this is a terrible question, but which lens should I buy first to fully appreciate the Foveon sensor? I am already a Nikon user with a few good (Sigma) lenses (from 18mm to 400mm), so I don't need a large variety of focal length right now. I do what to stick to a dSRL system for future upgrade so I am ruling out the DP* camera even though they make incredible pictures. I was thinking of the 30mm f1.4, but any opinions/recommendations would be welcome!



30mm F1.4 is a good choice.

I think all of the EX lenses with fixed focal length are very sharp. So any of them would probably be fine.

I'm not sure if the EX lenses with variable focal length are as sharp, perhaps someone else here can write something about this?

I have the 17-70 F2.8-4.5, it is not nearly as sharp as my 70mm 2.8 EX DG MACRO. I would be very interested in knowing what the 18-50 F2.8 EX would be like. The 10-20 F3.5 EX, is also very interesting. If anyone have these lenses, please write your what your opinion!

If you already have a lot of nikon lenses, perhaps you could use them on the SD14 with some adapter. I've also read about converting the camera to nikon mount. I think there are threads about it here on this forum.

-- Staffan
Hello, Plierouge!

I can reccommend the 50 - 500mm as a great "walk around" lens, but don't just take my word for it, have a look here: http://www.pbase.com/ianvermeer/

This wonderful Frenchman, Georges Noblet has produced beautiful "coffee table" quality books for clients, with the 50 - 500mm being used extensively on his SD cameras. His work speaks for itself.

Sincere regards, Jim R

You may also like to visit my own humble gallery @ www.pbase.com/jrdigitalart
A good walk around the 18-200mm Sigma or I love my 20-40mm Sigma....

Good Luck...

Tony C.
I've been very happy with my 18-50 F2.8 EX. Here is a photo (reduced and a 100% detail) that shows crisp detail and bokeh.

Shot at 50mm, ISO 50, F5.6



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For nearly two years I used the 50-150EX. Recently I got the 50EX (macro), and I do find it much sharper. The internal focusing system of the 50-150 is great. I would not hesitate recommending the 50-150mm.

Some more tips/recommendations:
1. Remember to consider the crop factor when you decide. Nikon has a different crop factor, so a 50mm will be different on your Nikon vs the SD14.
2. Remember that you can change the mount of the SD14 to a Nikon F, meaning you could use "all" your Nikon glass, but only in manuel mode (MF and no Auto stop down)
3. Buy only EX glass.
4. Fixed focal lengths are always sharper than variable focal lengths.
5. Remember to check any lens with regards to front (FF)/back focus (BF) issues. You might have to send your camera and lenses in for calibration.

A note for the last point:
Obviously, when you buy a lens, you want it to be as sharp as possible on all distances. However, the manufactoring process of todays lenses can by no means achieve this. Therefore they decide a set of tolerances to determine if a lens is outside of specifications or not. You can find two lenses of same type, one FF and the other BF, both within specifications.
When stopped down, the DOF may take away the problem.
Add to this that the SD14 also have a set of tolerances. If your SD14 is slightly FF, a BF lens might give excellent results. But if you then get a FF lens, the combo will be way off.
Therefore, Sigma wants you to send both the camera and ALL the lenses in for calibration.
Not all countries do this calibration (only Japan, US, Germany AFAIK), so if it has to go to Japan, it takes several weeks.
Carefully document your issues, and ask Sigma to calibrate it to perfection.

kind regards