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Light adjustment result while using TLA 360 on RTS III


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Hi team. Page 108 of RTS III manual says:
<font color="ffff00">2. Set the aperture and shoot.
After shooting, the light adjustment result will be displayed for 4 secinds on the flashmeter in the viewfinder.
OK. Looks like my poor English doesn't allow me to understand this. Namely, could someone decrypt one simple thing from here - is the adjustment was correctly performed before shooting, or this was just a hint, and I have to adjust aperture manually, so the adjustment would be close to zero? Thank you.

Regarding page 108 RTS III instructions. Any flash, including the 360 TLA has an out-put range. Sometimes there is too much light or too little to expose the film properly even with a dedicated flash making maximum adjustments. This happens mostly when something is too far away or too close. Or when the aperture is set at an extreme, say 1.4 or 22

In these cases, the 360 often needs the photographer's help. The great thing about the RTS III is that it will tell you exactly what you need to do with the the f-stop adjustment.

By the way, Regarding doubts about RTS III repairs The extended warranty for my RTS III, bought through B&H Photo, is with Mack Camera of Springfield New Jersey. Maybe they can do something others cannot

Thanks David for helping me. Let me summarize this. The key word there is "after shooting". This thing makes me confused - it sounds like it's too late to change anything, and last shoot was over- or under-exposed. I hope that it's not true.

Same thing happens after pre-flash. Let say, after pre-flash I have +1 shown there. I have to choices:
1. Stop lens down.
2. Ignore and shoot hoping that TTL will take care.
What should I choose? Thanks again!

Yes, if the aperture is set beyond the out-put range of the TLA, you waste a frame.

But why not use the preflash first? It works on all flashes, including TLA. Look at the results, then adjust the aperture if necessary. No wasted frame