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Looking for a GOOD lens for my Nikon D7200

As far as I remember Thom Hogan was very impressed with the newest iteration of the 70-300 Nikkor. I used only the FX version with the Z mount adapter on a Nikon Z6 and I liked it.

I used the AF-P 70-300E a lot on my D7500 and also on my D750. Great lens. Sharp, good reach and lightweight. Finally sold it and now I use the Nikon 70-200 f4 VR and the AF-S 80-400 with 1,4TC on Z-camera's
I do a lot of Sports, Airshows, and Panorama photography. I have pretty basic Zoom lens 200-400 without stability, and just does not give me sharp photographs, at least not to my liking. So, I am looking for recommendations to upgrade, without breaking the bank with a $3,000 lens. I would like to stay in the 400mm range, but would like recommendations on something with image stabilization also, and a little better lens quality. Any recommendations?? F Mount.
I too recommend the Sigma 150-600mm (Contemporary). I love it. I tried the 50-500, but I could barely lift it, lol.