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looking for someone to do SD15 to EF mount conversion



Please give me advice , I need my SD15 to be convert to EF mount now and SD1 in next future. If you can do or khow anyone can do ,please let me know.

some images from my sd15


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Here are a few links...to look thru...

OLD FM topic on it from 2008...

Old DP Review topic from 2007

PB-Base pictures of disassembly of SD14 - SD15 should be some-what similar..

Technical wiring diagram...

Sigma-CumLaude person with pictures of conversion..

Now...print these out...a good camera shop should be able to do this for you..they will probably ask you to sign something telling you that they are not liable for any damages that might occur to the camera...but if you don't feel comfortable doing-it...this will probably be your best way....

Good Luck and let us know...I still shot with my SD14 Leica-R converted & SD14 Nikon-F converted camera's...if and when the SD1 comes down...I will be upgrading...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
Thank you so much tony, I had read and studied all those link for awhile before jump to sigma. After tried to disassemble my sd15 as jerry suggest in pbase , I wonder about the hard thing - a lens release button. I'm not good in a tiny soldiering so I need someone do this job for me.
One thing , I wonder where jerry is nor peter too, do they still shoot sigma with canon lens. Does this conversion still good to try?