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Loud T2

Dear All,
I just bought a used T2 (190$), but it seems to me that it is quite noisy when I turn it on.
Can someone please let me know if it's always a little noisy or if mine has gotten a problem,
Thank You so Much
The thing is that noise can be subjective and without hearing your T2 it is not possible to compare it with say my T2. I do not however find my T2 to be very noisy at all.
I know that when I thought my G2 was objectionally noisy, I took it in to a dealer and compared it with a new one which I found sounded just the same as my fairly elderly one.
I don't think that your T2 should be especially noisy but I suggest that you try to compare it with another one.
If you bought it from a dealer you could always ask him/her what (s)he thinks.
Hi Bertil!
I use T2 since 11 years and I love it; but there are some disadvantages, one of it is its noisy lens motor. When puling out the lens there is a special noise which depends on the sealing inside. If it is too smooth (as it was at mine) the sealing is not ok and there will be a sigificant light fall in (looks like a part of a circle). So don´t worry about it, I got used to this noise over the years. The other problem I discovered last weekend (see other topic).