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M1TR Power Winder how do i use it



Hi guys,

New here - i found the site while searching for an instruction manual for my Jessops M-1TR Power Winder, which fits on my X700.

The back of the winder has quite a few different modes by the look of it-

a)2 lights - marked rewind and on

b)in Yellow (which appears to be relevant to M Series) Off | S | C | T

c)in White (XG Series) Off | - | C | T

d)Timer mode sec 5 | 30 | 60 | 5min

Its also got a remote socket (and i have a remote) but how does this work? Ive tried plugging the remote in and playing with the modes on the winder, and pressing the button on the remote - but nothign happens!

What do all the modes mean? (S C T) and how do i use the timer mode and remote?

A scan of the instruction book would be ideal, but probably hard to find!

Thanks for any help guys and gals