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M3 Flash Connecting Cable



I have just purchased my first M3 to go along with my long-time favorite IIIf. What connecting cable do I use for an electronic flash (SF20)on the M3? I have been told that the flash pin connector on the camera is not a PC connection and takes a special Leica cable. Can anyone provide details?
Thanks in advance. I have fallen in love with the M3 viewfinder!
Thanks for info. I have ordered the PC adapter plug. I have a cold-shoe to hot-shoe adapter for my IIIf which has a PC cord on it, so in a pinch I could use that I guess if the flash I end up with does not have a PC cord built in or seperate.
Appreciate your assistance.
> This bring up a question I have about my IIIf RD and modern electronic > flash where do I set the Flash delay control when using an electronic > flash and would I use a 1/50th sec. or what as a shutter speed? I have > tried it a couple of times but don't seam to get any consistency in firing > the flash. I have not tried this with film yet still just playing with my > IIIf (new toy)

PS my first post hear looks like this site will be a big step up from other Leica groups I've joined. Seams a little more educational here I LIKE that. I'm hoping that LTM can be discussed as well. As the newer stuff as I intend on using it a bunch. Mark W.

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Hi Mark, For proper X sync with your IIIf. Red dial. 1/25, set sync dial at 0 1/50, set sync dial at 20 Black dial IIIf. 1/30. Sync dial at 2
Thomas Thanks for the info I tried it again and now can tell for sure that the problem I was having is that the IIIf has a slightly different PC connection then the modern flash cord i was using if I use the cord from my Leitz starblitz flash and connect it to the hot shoe on the flash it works every time. Luckaly I have a little adapter plug that I can wire a PC socket to that will connect to the end of the origional type cord. This cord goes on and twists 90 degrees to lock on I like that wish others had used this system. SO now I got that figured out.

Mark W.
For many years M3 users have been having PC terminals installed in place of the old Leica terminals when the cameras go in for repair or CLA. The PC terminals from an M4 fit perfectly and any competant repair tech can do the job.

While the camera is no longer "museum original", it is much more practical for people who actually use them.
Instead of modifying M3 camera you can just purchase a small Kaiser plug that fits into flash connection on back of camera that makes it a PC connection. The plug snaps in and out so you don't mess up camera. Cost is under $10.00
Because the adapter plugs stick out far enough to be a nuisance. Particularly if you are using your left eye. Unless you are saving your camera for a museum, the change to the PC sockets makes it more useable.