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M6 flare


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Hey folks,

Just got back from the West Bank and my M6 was flaring badly, it got quick annoying, I haven't seen the results yet but I am sure that this flare caused the loss of some shots. I am keen to get this issue sorted but is there another way, (other than purchase of an MP).

Many thanks,

Yes, Vishal. You can send the camera to Leica and they will replace your rangefinder with the MP's (for $$). I understand that, in the USA at least, some private repairpeople can do the change (for less money), I would imagine Sherry Krauter and Don Goldberg. No need to buy the whole MP for that!

The issue has been discussed before in the forum, I am pretty sure. I don't know all the details.

Best regards,

Another much cheaper solution is to get a "Shade" from Lutz Konermann at http://www.leicagoodies.com/. I have one on my M6 and it solved the flare problem completely. No more lost images.

If you check this image, http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=1183231, I had to focus by scale because of flare. As you see, the focus is quite off. That was before the shade. Now my M6 is virtually as flareproof as my MP, save for somewhat subdued framelines (still very visible). At $6 ($11 shipped wordwide, about the price of a roll of Velvia with processing) is certainly worth a try.

Best regards,

The "Shade" from Lutz is the Perfect solution. Until it arrives however, try re-centering your eye in the viewfinder. The flare goes away and you won't miss a shot.
As many of you will know, I've only had my M6 (non-TTL) a few weeks, and yet I've encountered this problem surprisingly often. I haven't missed a shot yet because I've just kept shading the rangefinder window with my hand. The problem is of course that this makes focusing rather laborious as you can't focus, hold the camera, and shade the rangefinder at the same time!

I'm seriously thinking, when I have the money, of sending my M6 off for a rangefinder fix at Leica (or possibly CRR in Luton? don't know if he does this mod?). However, since this costs a fair bit, I was wondering whether to pick up an MP instead. I'm already completely sold on Leica as a way of taking photos for me, and I've heard the MP is a lovely camera...

Any thoughts?

James, moving your eye to the very center of the VF will often cure the flare problem.

Tell you what though, the only two things I wish they hadn't 'changed back' on the MP are the rewind lever and particularly the shutter speed dial reverting to the M6 Classic size and direction. The M6 TTL seems to be a step forward in that area - I'd like to be able to move the shutter speed dial in the direction of the exposure arrow, like the aperture ring, and also have it at my fingertip without taking my eye out of the viewfinder, a s on the 'oversize' M6 TTL model...

Don't suppose there's a mod to my M6

I had a M6 for a couple of years and then sold it and bought a MP. The MP doesn't suffer from the flare problem - at least not to the degree that the M6 does. You can still experience it to some degree under extreme light conditions shooting agains the sun.