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macOS Monterey to macOS Ventura


Well-Known Member
After waiting for a couple of months I plan to go from Monterey to Ventura (OS that is).
I print (Canon proGRAF1000) and also use QimageOne.
Beside that I use Eizo CG monitor/ColorNavigator 7 (don' t expect any problems here, but not sure)

Any experiences from someone who also uses a comparable setup?
Thank you
I have about the same set up on a MacBook Pro M1 14". I use an LG 5K monitor. The monitor and all of my attached drives worked without any problems. The transition to Ventura was easy and faster than I expected. I had to upgrade the software on my i1 studio calibration device. Every thing else worked.
Thnxs Bob. Good to read. Also no problems with colour/profiles and printing?
No problems with printing. I use a Canon Pro 10 printer. I do not remember if I had to update the driver, but if I did it was very easy. My printing profiles remained, but I had to upgrade the calibration software from cc studio. I may also have upgraded the driver on my Wacom tablet and CC cloner, but again, if I did it was very easy.
Nice...good to read. I don' t use Wacom tablet anymore / no CC cloner but I read about some issues with colour profiles and macOS Ventura. I' m still on an Intel Mac here.