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Macro Extensions Recommendations plz


New Member
Hi everyone,

I recently bought the D70 with the standard 18-70 Nikkor AF-S. I'd like to try myself in macro photography (jewelry, coins, watches, etc.) What should I buy? I have heard about extension rings and extension lenses. What would you knowledgeable folks recommend?

Thanks in advance.

DC Dweller
Nikon makes a line of "MicroNikkor" lenses that are probably unsurpassed for macro photography. The current line starts with a 60mm and includes a 105mm, 200mm and a 70->180mm zoom. The zoom is listed on Nikon's web-site, but I don't see it listed with the dealer sites I just checked. It may be new.

While these lenses are designed to be ideal with macro shooting, they are also fine lenses for general purpose use. I have used the 55mm manual focus lens as my normal lens for decades. It was the predecessor of the current 60mm. It is probably the sharpest overall lens in my arsenal. It has seen extensive professional use shooting jewelry and other small products. Ease of use and quality were as good as it gets.

With the accursed magnification factor, the 60mm would be equivalent to a 90mm on a 35mm camera, which is a very nice lens for many things, including formal portraiture.

These are lenses designed for film use, and I have not read if their performace is degraded when used on digital cameras.

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