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Meyer-OptikGorlitz Primotar 1:3.5/135

Is there anyone who knows if it is easy (and safe) to remove the frontlens of this lens (and how to do it)? There is a moving hair inside (I don't know how it has got there). Sometimes you can see it when you look through the lens, sometimes not, irritating!
If you have the right tools...I don't see why it would be difficult...the inner ring of the front element should turn and unscrew...then you should be able to lift the front element out to clean...Here is the problem...unless you have a tool designed to do this...you can scrap-up the front element...I have used plastic & other supposedly safe tools that scratched lenses...trying to open the up....

I found a local guy that does a great job for a fair price...and I just take my stuff to him...

On another note...if it's not affecting the picture quality...I would not mess with it...unless you are trying to sell it...

Let me know if you have any other questions....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
Test image.

This is a test image of the lens on a SD10 via M42 adaptor.


  • Primotar 135mm test.jpg
    Primotar 135mm test.jpg
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Loose frontlens element.

I found out that the lens was not allways sharp. When you held the camera tilted with the back down before shooting you could reach infinity, but tilted with the lens down you could not. After inspection I found out why. The front lens element was loose! The ring in front of the frontlens (outside) could be turned, so with a toothpick I carefully turned the ring till it would not go any further. I shot this test image after this correction. And yes, there is dust on the sensor of the SD10. I will clean it when I install the split-screen I ordered.


  • Testshot after fixing frontlens.jpg
    Testshot after fixing frontlens.jpg
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