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Micro for D70


I have a D70 and I just ordered the 105 Micro and have developed "orderers doubt" if not remorse. Because of the mag factor should I have gotten the 60 micro instead? Will do portraits as well as close-ups.
> Relax! You'll do fine with what you've ordered! I used all the 3 60/105/200 AF micros though now only have the 69 0 and 200 micros. The 60/2.8 on my D70 does not give much working distace. The 105 is a great lens. You may have to back off a little bit while taking portraits but that's about it.
Does anyone know where to find some good lens fro the F3. We are talking used etc. HOw many people here continue to photograph in film and black and white.
> HOw many people here continue to photograph in film > and black and white.

Film, yes. Got a decent scanner, which has made medium format viable again. ALWAYS shoot colour film, or colour in digital even if the goal is B&W. I learned some lessons that it is much easier to take the colour out of colour film than to add it if shooting B&W.

Many times when B&W was requested, I would turn in the prints and the client would say "I really wish I had specified colour on these." I would reply, "I can deliver it in colour." Some real client/photographer bonding would go on. I generally shot colour negative, and printed on Panalure paper, for superb print quality.

Digital serves as my 35mm system now. I have not shot with the F3 in perhaps four or five years. The only 35mm I probably will ever shoot again will be in my WideLuxe panoramic camera, which shoots a 59mm wide frame, so is somewhere between 35mm and medium format in essence.

Shooting with any of my medium format equipment and scanning easily gives me the quality of a 22MP camera, which I simply can not afford or justify buying. Plus it is equipment I have and it is paid for. :)

I will shoot medium format when the subject justifies it in terms of high quality prints, and digital along side and for the most of my work.

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