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Minolta 28f28 for CLE


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Does anyone have detailed sources and data of this lens? Was it made by Leica or Minolta? made in Germany or Japan? Leica design or not? Is it compatible and 100% accurate with Leica M camera? What's the quality comparing with Leica 28/2.8?

Minolta lens, 1980, designed and made in Japan for the Minolta CLE.
Fits well the Leica M but brings up the 35/135 lines. Can be modified to bring up the 28 lines.
Pros: Very small and light lens. Quality and results virtually indiscernable from the Leica M Elmarit.
Cons: Some of them have an edge seperation problem that appears as tiny wide spots around the element edges.

thanks for info!

Did Leica involved anything in its design and production, like Rokkor 40/f2?

When you said "indiscernable from the Leica M Elmarit", can we regard upto the latest version of 28mm, except 28/f2.8 asph, of course?

Do you have any picture to show the separation? hear it from users/sellers many times but just don't know how.
Are you sure that Leica was involved in the 2/40?
No mistake with the Leitz 2/40 for the Leica CL?
Sorry i don't know for the 2.8/28 either.
LCT, infact 90/f4 Rokkor was a Elmar-C made at Wetzlar. Although in Eastland's book said it was the only Leica lens sold under other name, I wonder any other source can tell the truth of 28/2.8 Rokkor.
I knew for the Elmar-C and there are probably (?) some links between the Leitz and Rokkor 40mm primes but there was no 28mm frameline in the CL (nor the M) viewfinder at that time so it is not quite clear why Leica would have beeen involved in the 28mm Rokkor which is much smaller and lighter than the Elmarit…
Anyway i own one on those 28mm Rokkor primes personally and i can confirm what i said previously about it.
Seen page 163 of the Photo Buying Guide (1983), whose conclusion was "We'd rate this lens as comparable to the very best rangefinder lenses of this speed and focal length".

The 1:2/40 Summicron-C and the M-Rokkor 40mm 1:2 are optically identical, however the Summicron uses glass made in the Leitz glass laboratory, while Minolta used its own. As the optical design of both lenses is the same, I assume the refractive index of each element is identical.

I have both lenses and cannot distinguish any visible difference in normal use.