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Minolta Scan Dual III scratched images


New Member
Does anyone know how to get rid of the scretches which seem to appear on nearly every single negative that I scan in.
How to remove scratches from scanned negatives?

(a) clean your film better before scanning.

(b) take a Photoshop course and learn how to do it manually in the software

(c) apply a dust and scratch filter to the file - see things like:

- neat-image-digital-file-noise-reduction digital file noise reduction plugin - charge and free trial period

- http://www.neatimage.com/ peterblaise Edit Delete Cut

- polaroid-dust-and-scratch-removal-filter-free

- http://www.polaroid.com/service/software/poladsr/poladsr.html

Tell us MORE - are you comparing to chemical darkroom enlargement of your images? Do you see the scratches in the resulting prints? I often don't see in print shat drives me crazy on screen. Where, results wise, are you finding that film surface defects, such as scratches, get in the way of your photographic goals? Tell us more. Thanks!



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