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Minolta Users in the Great Northwest Seattle



I have a Minolta Z1. Was looking for anybody else in the area. Also looking for "Photo Clubs" nearby. Des Moines, WA.
I too just bought a Minolta Dimage Z1 and live in the Washington area. Let me know of any clubs etc.. when you find out.

Frank Olympia, Wa

P.S. I also own a Minolta Freedom and Minolta Dysan 8000i
Peter, My apologies. You are correct it is a Minolta DYNAX 8000i. Will have to check it and get back to you on the Minolta Freedom, I wasn't aware there was more than one kind.

Don't have many posted pictures yet. I have been taking pictures for a while though. Will have to scan a few and put them on a web site. Then I will let you all know.

Been using the Minolta DiMAGE Z1 and enjoy the fact that I don't have to scan anything into the computer. Just download from the SD memory card to the computer.

Thanks for the feedback and urls

Enjoy Frank Bergess
Peter, Ah, the Minolta Freedom I have is the Explorer Model. Nice compact camera I leave in my car but can easily slip into a pocket when necessary. The Dynax 8000i and extra lenses are better but very bulky to haul around. I hope to put some pictures up on my website in my copious amounts of free time between school and work.

Thanks for the great forum with lots of info.

Frank Bergess Olympia, Washington